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Bio Water Remediation

Because the water crisis is too important to ignore.

What is it?

AG Bio Water remediation

is a fifth-generation process which uses the revolutionary AG Bio Water Solution to remediate all kinds of water bodies at break-neck speeds. It brings the water body within the parameters mandated by the Central Pollution Control Board within months, while also greatly improving fish numbers, eradicating foul smell, improving water appearance, etc.

Where can I use it?

ALL water bodies

Lentic or Lotic, Flowing or Stagnant, Dirty or Clean, Freshwater or Saltwater - AG Bio Water Remediation can effectively treat any and all kinds of water bodies. Not only that, it can treat sewage passing through both covered and open drains as well. You can also use this in Sewage Treatment Plants(STPs) to increase their effectiveness!

How does it work?

By increasing oxygen

AG Bio Water Remediation naturally increases the number of diatoms in the water - the incredibly tiny phytoplankton responsible for 25% of ALL OXYGEN ON EARTH! They're literally the only reason you're alive, and our product increases their numbers - thereby improving the quality of life - both inside the water and out side of it.

How do you increase diatoms?

by giving them nano nutrients 

The solution transfers essential Nano-nutrients to the water which are embedded in a nano-silica base. These nano nutrients are incredibly small - 10,000 times smaller than a strand of your hair! But this size is actually perfect for the diatoms to take up and ensures that the nutrition reaches them instantly. With their food now in abundance, the diatoms Photo-Synthesize using N, P, CO2 and the other trace nutrients supplied; creating loads of nano-scale oxygen and rapidly reproducing at the same time!

What about the  fishes?

THey'll start flourishing too

We fix the Aquatic Cycle, increasing the numbers of aquatic life at each step of the chain, giving each subsequent step more food to eat. This is possible because the increased Dissolved Oxygen allows the fishes, zooplankton and phytoplankton to flourish and multiply rapidly. The fishes, which sit above the zooplankton and phytoplankton in the aquatic chain, are gonna love the increased oxygen and the increased food- thereby increasing their own numbers and getting healthier.

Talk science to me

Okay you asked for it

Diatoms have a negative ion charge which helps to chelate heavy metals and make them into sediments. Think of an immensely powerful magnet that's everywhere in the water and knows exactly who the bad guys are.

 So excess metals like  chromium, cadmium, aluminium, ammonia, etc. get chelated, then sedimented and pushed up to the surface -presenting themselves to us on a platter for quick and easy removal.

We are currently undertaking a rejuvenation of the Tughlakabad Drain in South-East Delhi. This is under the aegis of National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India.

We have been incredibly successful and have brought about incredible changes in the water quality! A tabulation of the improvements is below.





Read more about the Tughlakabad Drain Project here.
We have provided access to cleaner water to over a million residents by completely changing the face of the drain and bringing the water to CPCB mandated levels.

Our success has been certified by the National Mission for Clean Ganga.

Residents will also be free from the menace of bad odour, see a reduction in vector-borne diseases, and have access to better sanitation!

We're setting up dustbins in the area, increasing awareness, and clearing up decades' old solid waste!

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Test Tube

Learn more about how the super-easy 4-step process with which you can rapidly improve your water body or fishery - here.

Get in touch with us to discuss advanced remediation for your water body or fishery - here.

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