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An Agricultural Rebirth

Healthier soil, Healthier yield for healthier Humans.

This Independence Day, the Hon'ble PM called upon the farmers to go organic. He called for a rebirth of Mother India's land. We heeded his advice. Our product organically increases land yields by increasing the Organic Carbon in the soil; a naturally occurring process as old as time itself.

Our Animal Husbandry product, Naturally increases the amount and quality of milk cows produce and the eggs a hen lays. It also makes all animals more resistant to diseases.

*for certain crops under ideal testing conditions

AG Group products promise to contribute to:

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Our Goal

To synergise the health and development of farmers, land, animals, consumers and the Planet, in a united, interdependent way. 

Be a part of the change, learn more about our products:

100% Organic soil conditioners for increased yield and drastically improved soil health and properties. Revolutionises soil health and reduces water and fertiliser demand of the soil while increasing yield naturally.

Animal Husbandry

100% organic animal feed supplements for significantly increased animal produce like milk and eggs; and great overall improvement in Animal health and disease resistance.

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