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IT Services

Smart Home Techonologies

Making every corner smarter.

We provide complete home automation services, covering every nook and corner of your home. From the Gate opening electronically, to the lights switching off when the room is empty, to your thermostat automatically adjusting itself to maintain a temperature that you're comfortable with. There's no aspect of your house where we can't make your life easier. Contact us for a free visit by our engineer who'll give you a quote as per your needs.

Facial Recognition technology

Unmatched privacy. Unmatched Security. 

Grover Infotech, a wholly owned group company, provides class-leading facial recognition technologies that can be adapted for use in a plethora of different services and sectors; ranging from attendance systems to security systems. Our application is revolutionary, light on the system and works on both mobiles and computers, adaptable to even the most basic cameras. The best part, the technology is completely home grown and stored on domestic servers, so your privacy is never at risk. Get in touch to know more about integrating this with your business.

Human Resource Management Systems

Throw your calculators and registers.

We provide industry leading Human Resource Management Systems, complete with facial recognition software to facilitate easy computation of staff attendance. We also have provision for automated calculation of staff salaries, with mandated deductions and allowances computed automatically. All of these features can be personalised to meet your specific sector requirement and come with dedicated support.

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