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Soil, reborn.


Give your soil a fresh lease of life with the revolutionary, 100% Organic, Humate Balance.

Humate Balance Container111.png

 Humate balance

soil conditioner

100% Organic Soil conditioner which improves the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil.

It is a source of bio-activated humic acids from leonardite which improves fertility of all types of soils, increases crop yields and enhances plants establishment.

Activates the process of soil self- purification from pesticides and heavy metals.

Reduces Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide requirement by 30-50% every year.

Reduced need for fertilizers

Humate Balance improves the soil's qualities naturally, allowing it to become self sustaining. 

This reduces the need for chemical fertilisers, eventually eradicating the need in itself, giving a true, 100% organic output.

Long Term


The dosage of Humate Balance actually halves every subsequent year. So, if you put 100KG/Acre in the first year, it only has to be 50KG in the next. This makes it a viable long term solution.

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