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Liquid water-soluble feed material / supplement of a complex action is developed to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, to maintain the health of farm animals and poultry, to act as an enterosorbent of toxins in an intestinal tract and to strengthen hepatoprotective function. It increases animal yield and improves its quality. It is a 100% Organic concentrated solution of high molecular weight humic acids from natural leonardite.

It is a first aid during outbreaks of diseases and during unscheduled veterinary events. 

Humic substances: 100 g/l (10 % weight/volume).
pH: 10,5-11,5.
Preparative form: dark-brown water-soluble liquid.

Available in packaging to suit your requirements.

Prices start at Rs.475/L, which is only Rs 4.75 per cow per day or 47.5 Paise per hen per day.

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