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State of the art

Our Coastal Security Immediate Support Vessels are customised to each client's needs and feature state of the art equipment and design. 


need for speed

Our vessels are extremely quick - powered by Korean Marine Engines producing over 2000 House Power, propelling the boat to speeds of over 25 knots. 


Strength and endurance

Built with advanced composite FRP, and classified by the Indian Register of Shipping - our vessels can survive very rough seas with ease - with even 20 ft high waves posing no challenge. The vessels can also be out at sea for 7 full days at full load without requiring refuelling.


large hull

On an average, our boats our 70 feet long! This provides plenty of space for up to 35 people depending on configuration, including sleeping bunks for crew and passengers.



The Vessels are fitted with state of the art RADAR systems, Night Vision systems, advanced Radios and other security and navigation equipment. For Government-entity clients we also attach stable stands for the security forces' fittings. Also attached is a smaller interceptor-boat which can go up to 35 Knots to intercept intruders.


Internationally certified

Our vessels are certified to the highest global standards - classified by a member of the Internal Association of Classification Societies - the most reputed classification society in the world.


Professionally Run, managed and maintained

Our vessels are professionally run, managed and maintained by our experienced and passionate team. From the captain of the ship to the chief engineer and even the hospitality crew, we provide a complete solution for patrolling and security needs.

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